Becca Mulenburg is an oil painter whose focus is painting wild birds from personal experiences. All of the birds she has ever painted, she has seen in person.

Personal Data:
Resides in Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

Bachelor of Science, Journalism, Honors, University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Self taught. Does that bother you? When I was a young student, I completed an elective college course, Drawing I, at the University of Wisconsin at Madison with no inclinations of being an artist.

2020 Wolf River Art League's Mid-Winter Art Show, New London, WI (3rd Place); 2019 MacRostie Art Center's 27th Annual Juried Art Exhibition (2nd Place), 2019 Wolf River Art League's Mid-Winter Art Show, New London, WI (People's Choice and 2nd Place); 2018 Wolf River Art League's Mid-Winter Art Show, New London, WI (Honorable Mention); 2017 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum Birds in Art International Juried Exhibition, Wausau, WI; 2014-15, 2017 Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Competition; 2017 MacRostie's 25th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Grand Rapids, MN (People's Choice); 2016 61st Arrowhead Regional Biennial, Duluth, MN (Honorable Mention) and more. For a complete list, please inquire.

Interested in an original? Serious inquiries only. Miniatures $1,200. email:

Birding. Environmental interests include controlling invasives, planting natives, 450+ planted to date at her residence since 2015 including white and jack pines, northern red oaks, silver maples, peach leaf willows, butternuts, false indigo, highbush cranberries, pin cherries, elderberries, milkweed and more. Concentrated reading on the scientific study of birds. Supporter of unkept lawns, ditches, weeds, and pollinators. UMD women's hockey fan.

Thoughts from the artist:
Thank you collectors, I appreciate your support. I'm not a fan of creating noise and making sacrifices in order to make a sale or win an award. I simply try to paint the best I can, because if I don't like it, then why put forth the effort? The business of art is the most bewildering, baffling, perplexing and confounding thing I've ever subjected myself to. Frankly, it's absolutely ridiculous and downright tiring. To the strongest degree, I don't recommend it. One thing I know: I cannot accommodate the business of art's expectations of me. My interest lies in connecting to nature through art, especially birds.

I live by the following paragraph, written in an art magazine some years ago.

Most artists would probably like to be "successful," both critically and financially, but what an artist's reputation will be a hundred years from now has yet to be revealed. I once had an important collector with a vast and varied collection say to me, "If I were to tell you the names of the top-selling artists in France at the end of the 19th century, you would not recognize them." If "success" during an artist's lifetime is a fool-proof predictor, then Vincent Van Gogh would surely be one of history's greatest flops. I tell my university students: "Just make what you make no matter how 'out there,' or misunderstood; no matter who approves or who does not. If you believe in it - make it! Even if it's pure cornpone - just make it!" The only hope that any of us have of being truly "successful" is to make what's in our heart and make it to the best of our ability. (author unknown, signed AC)

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"The truth is that women have never been treated equally in the art world, and today they remain dramatically underrepresented and undervalued in museums, galleries, and auction houses."


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